Changing settings and customizing the board

Draw.Chat allows you to customize its appearance and functionality, and then be placed on any website.

You can load a previously saved board, customize its pages, and then share it with selected people.

You can place Draw.Chat on an e-learning platform or in another application using API.

To place the board on a blog or as a link, do the following:

  • Go to the Configurator page
  • Configure the board by selecting the options that interest you
  • Click the Save Configuration button
  • Go to the Share board for: section
  • Choose whether users can Draw or Chat, if you left the Chat option enabled
  • If you do not allow the board to be modified by Drawing, you can enable the Local Drawing option so that users can Draw only on their copy
  • Copy the iframe code and place it in the appropriate place.

Creating a new board with a random address and random password

You can create a new board with a random address and random password by redirecting the user's browser to the address:

Creating a shared board with a deterministic address and a common password

You can always redirect the user to the same board, always with the same password based on any string of characters:[string_of_characters]

Where based on `seed` the board address and password are generated. This way you can create collaboration boards for multiple users with full editing rights (everyone is administrators and have full control over the board).

On your server side, you can use a hash function to generate `seed`. e.g.: seed = sha256('school_password'+'room_number'+'start_time') Links with the same `seed` will always direct to the same board.

Integration using API

You can create your own boards, manage users and their permissions from the link level.

For your project, generate a pair of keys `.private.key` and `public.key` (ECDSA/P-256), and then use the private key to sign your links.

Links with a valid signature will open in the context of the given public key, so each public key can correspond to a separate project. Based on your pair of keys, you can generate many links to many boards and many users with different permissions. Along with the link, you can pass the board settings, which will be applied in case of a valid signature and format.


"For a defined list of participants, generate a link to a shared board and a list of links to separate boards for each participant. Generate a link to each board for the leading/examiner with administrator rights."