Managing Boards and Organizing Them

All the boards you have visited are saved in the Boards tab. You can browse them, sort, filter, and change their name or description if you are their owner.

The board card contains the title, description, information about the creation date, a preview of the last change, and information about the last modification such as the last change or message along with the name of the user who made that change.

If you are the owner of the board, you can change its title and description by clicking on the menu button … in the top right corner of the board card and selecting the Edit title or Edit description options.

If you want to remove a board from the list of boards, click the menu button … in the top right corner of the board card and select the Remove option.

You can filter boards using the Search field. Enter a word that the board must contain in the title, description, username who made the last modification, content of the last message, or room token. Using quotation marks, you can combine searched words into phrases e.g. "lesson topic". Use the "-" sign before a word or phrase to exclude that word or phrase from the search results.

You can sort boards by the date of the last change, last visit, creation date, and number of visits.

To change the sorting order, click on the Sorting button on the right side of the search field and select the order that interests you.