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Drawing board

Draw.Chat is a personal whiteboard where you can invite others.

Text messages

Real-time chat with offline notifications.

Video conference

You can use your camera to drag and drop captured images on the drawing board.

Key Features

Looking for a reason why Draw Chat is head and shoulders above other online whiteboards? Take a look at some of our key features:

P2P SSL Video Calls

Using Draw.Chat you can establish direct and secure video and audio connection between peers.


Paste an image to members of your team directly by moving it from your clipboard. All you need to do is copy the image and have it pasted on your chat room page.


Draw Chat is completely free, so you don’t have to subscribe or pay any cash to enjoy the service.

Real-time collaboration. The easy approach to visual communication.

If you’re hosting a meeting, or getting a team of students to collaborate, sending them an editable link is the fastest way to get everyone to work together on the same drawing board.

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