Draw Chat

Draw.chat gives everyone a whiteboard with unlimited size, set of drawing tools and the possibility of video conferencing.


Add Sketchpad.Pro plugin to your website.

Draw Chat is powered by Sketchpad.Pro plugin that is designed to keep your projects as light, fast and straightforward as possible. To that end, you can embed the sketch pad editor into a separate web application. You can make customizations to the embedded graphic editor in such a way that it’ll work to fit your specific needs and function the way you like.


Draw Chat operates similarly to the way Paint functions on the web platform – if you’re looking to get simple drawing and editing without necessarily having to go through the stress of downloading or installing anything, Draw Chat is the best way to go. With a wide array of drawing tools, features and functionalities, you’ll soon come to find that Draw.Chat works just as smoothly and efficiently as any other editing and drawing app that you could have.


Draw Chat enables users to have access to a broad range of storage and file sharing options. With Draw Chat, you will have the ability to store your projects and sketches on the hard drive of your local computer. You will also have access to a cloud storage service where you will also be able to store your drawings. From now on, sharing your work with our friends and associates will be as simple as sending a link or file to them.


Draw Chat is a real-time graphic image editor that enhances collaborative and collective team efforts like none other. This joint function serves to increase work productivity and team efficiency in the sense that it allows a large number of users to be able to simultaneously draw on the same canvas without disturbing the other person. Perfect teamwork, no disturbances or conflicts. That’s what Draw.Chat aims to provide.