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Paper universe

Draw.Chat allows you to create boards and invite participants to them. In Draw.Chat you can draw over images, PDF documents and maps. You will share images, watch videos together, hold teleconferences, and even play simple paper games such as puns or tic-tac-toe. Draw.Chat provides access to group visual communication in real time. Draw.Chat is a chat board as well as audio/video chats, direct file transfer and even an AL assistant.

Using Draw.Chat

In Draw.Chat, there is no need to create an account. The boards you visit are saved in your browser history and in the boards tab. You can freely view and delete boards. You can give your boards titles and descriptions, so you can organize your boards and make them easier to find. Boards are stored for a minimum of 30 days, and can be accessed through unique links.

Real-time collaboration

Draw.Chat is a collaborative note-taking tool for team members or teachers looking for a platform that multiple participants can access. Draw.Chat allows all participants to collaborate on the same canvas at the same time. All you need to do is send the generated link to the selected people. Selected team members will be able to participate in drawing and chatting.

Draw on any surface

Anything can be a background. For example, a photo of an assignment from your notebook, on which you annotate. You can use another web page, a map or a PDF document as a background, on which you write an annotation or apply a handwritten signature.

Collaboration with artificial intelligence

Enrich your lesson by collaborating with artificial intelligence. The AL assistant can participate in a group chat, and when providing answers, be aware of the chat participants, the chat history and the location indicated on the map by the questioner. When available, simply ask the question directly by starting the statement with "@ai," such as "@ai, evaluate the answers given."

Large tool base and naturalness of drawing

Draw.Chat provides a large base of tools, such as highlighters, crayons and nibs. Draw.Chat responds to the pressure and angle of the stylus, making it possible to work with graphics tablets to create natural and unique drawings. Working with Draw.Chat resembles working with traditional paper developing additional capabilities. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo the last move or erase a section using the eraser.

Sharing images and storing them

The image sharing functionallows you to combine multiple documents into a board of any number of pages. You can combine multiple images into one board, annotate it, and then export the whole thing as a single PDF file. You can also share the created boards online using the link.

Custom Draw.Chat

You can customize Draw.Chat using the prepared configurator. It will make it easier to prepare your classes in advance. You can keep Draw.Chat boards on your device or place them as a link on any website. You can also use Draw.Chat using the ready API.

File sharing up to 100 MB

You can upload PDF documents, JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF and WebP images to the boards. Shared files are stored for 30 days, and can be accessed through a unique link consisting of the conrol sum of the file content. You can transfer larger files without restrictions directly in chat between online participants.

Deletion of files

Uploaded files are deleted automatically after 30 days after the last opening. You can keep files by visiting your board and reviewing their pages at least once every 30 days. You can also agree to delete files manually by clicking on the "Delete files" button.

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