Experience Freedom

Boards consist of any number of pages, each offering an unlimited canvas that you can enlarge, reduce, move in any direction, and rotate. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or 2 fingers on touch screens to navigate the page. The home icon will always redirect you to the beginning of the coordinate layout. The minimap (symbolized by the binoculars icon) is helpful in navigating the canvas, allowing you to preview the entire page and move to a selected location with one click.

Collaborate in Real Time

You can invite others to work together on the board. Everyone you invite sees changes made in real time. You can share boards with any number of people, maintaining control over who of the invited can draw or chat.

All you need to do is provide the person's name when sharing the board, and the generated link will contain information about the granted permissions, which you can revoke if necessary.

Draw on Everything

You can use any image as the background of the board. For example, take a picture of a task from a notebook using a camera, and then add your notes to it.

You can use a website, map, or PDF document as the background of the board, on which you can add annotations or a handwritten signature.

Meet in Draw.Chat

Draw.Chat includes a built-in messenger with video call, screen sharing, and file transfer features. Connections between users are established directly - no one but you has access to the content of data transmission.

Collaborate with Artificial Intelligence

An AI assistant can participate in the text chat, providing answers based on the messages sent. All you have to do is ask it a direct question starting your statement with "@ai" e.g. "@ai suggest a text game for us"

Discover the Power of Tools.

You have a range of tools at your disposal that will help you convey more and faster. Draw geometric shapes arrows, highlight important parts of the text, and insert images from the internet, disk or clipboard. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo each step or use the eraser.

Experience the Naturalness of Drawing

Selected tools such as crayons or a nib, respond to the pressure and tilt angle of the stylus, allowing for a full reproduction of the depth and character of your notes.

Such precision makes it easy to forget that you are not working on traditional paper.

Speed Up Your Work

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly change tools, adjust brush size, or navigate the board. For even greater convenience, customize the buttons on your tablet to have the most frequently used functions at hand.

Use Layers

The canvas has several layers that you can use to achieve even more effects. The lowest layer is the background, e.g. color, image, map, or PDF page. The next layers are layer 1 and 2. You can choose which of these layers you want to draw on, using the available tools. The last layer, located at the very top, is the front layer, where you can place non-erasable elements, such as SVG files with coloring pages.

Share Multiple Files

With the sharing function, you can combine multiple documents into an easy-to-share board consisting of multiple pages. For example, you can combine photos of pages from your notebook into one document, add notes to them, and then export the whole as a single PDF file.

Save Your Work

After finishing your work, you can export its results to a PDF file, which contains all the pages of the board. You also have the option to save each page of the board as a separate PNG file or print them.

Multimedia Lessons

Play video materials for all participants from services such as YouTube, Twitch, or direct links. Enrich the lesson and increase engagement by attracting students' attention to multimedia content e.g. containing scientific experiments, historical events, or distant places. At any time, you can fast forward or pause the video, inviting students to discussion.

Free Cloud

All the boards you have visited are in the 'Boards' tab. Here you can freely browse or remove them from the list. As their administrator, you have the ability to edit the title and description, which will facilitate their organization and later search using the filtering option.

Configure Your Own Draw.Chat

If you have more detailed requirements regarding the functionality of the board, all its elements - such as available features, tools, initial page content, or default settings - you can customize using the configurator, for example, preparing in advance lessons for different classes. You can embed these boards on your website, blog, or in your own e-learning system.